Historic Mural Unveiling

On Friday night behind the Main Stage on Worthington Street, an unveiling is planned for a restored mural that six local artists have been painstakingly bringing back to life from faint and faded ghost images.
Artist and Professor John Simpson had a vision to rework some of the old photography ads on the wall of what once was a five floor photography supplies building called Bloom. Enter longtime Springfield resident and city advocate Evan Plotkin who is making it all possible via financing and fundraising support. The resurrection aims to showcase the history of the City of Firsts. Simpson recruited a strong team of local artists from different backgrounds to revive the iconic advertisements that once graced the walls of this historic building. The project captures some of the history of Springfield through images of local inventors, the famous Springfield Indian Motorcycle, the first peter Pan bus, and images from Dr. Seuss books. The artists are working on a large scaffolding to reanimate the many images that represent Springfield’s truly remarkable history.

Mural Paint Party

Roll up your sleeves and help us paint a series of colorful panels that will be assembled into a large mural in Springfield's North End neighborhood. People of all ages and abilities can participate!
The Mural Paint Party is a collaboration between the Live Well Springfield Climate Justice Initiative, and Fresh Paint Springfield. We are privileged to have renowned mural artist Betsy Z. Casañas lead this project to create a climate justice-themed mural in the city’s North End.

Ms. Casañas began the project with an input session discussing how the community would like to depict and convey its history of climate advocacy, diversity, and culture. At the July 15 session, Springfield participants spoke eloquently and passionately about this heritage – the food, the music, the community spirit. They also spoke about future vision – clean air, healthy food grown locally, healthy homes and schools, community vibrancy, green spaces, music and cultural expression, and celebrating their Puerto Rican heritage.
In her process, Ms. Casañas incorporates that input and designs the mural. Local area artists working with Fresh Paint Springfield outline the design on fabric panels. These panels then appear at our mural paint party Saturday afternoon and all attendees can contribute to the creation. Once complete, the finished project unveiling will be part of the Fresh Paint Mural Festival in September, just in time for the Puerto Rican Parade, scheduled to pass right by the mural on Main St.

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New Location!

The Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival takes place on August 12th and 13th, 2022 in the streets surrounding Stearns Square.

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