Art Events at the 2024 Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival

2024 Springfield Jazz Fest Mural Paint Party

Join Common Wealth Murals at the 2024 Springfield Jazz Fest for a vibrant community celebration at the 2024 Springfield Jazz Fest Mural Paint Party! No experience is necessary to be part of this exciting event, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to help recreate a historic Nelson Stevens mural. This masterpiece has been transformed into a giant paint-by-numbers project on special mural fabric, allowing hundreds of people to contribute to its creation.

Gather with fellow art enthusiasts and community members on Saturday from 2 PM to 5 PM. Enjoy the joy of painting and the rhythm of live jazz music as you bring this beautiful mural to life. Once completed, the mural will be proudly installed in Springfield later this summer, a testament to the power of community and the arts.

Bring your friends, family, and creativity for an afternoon of fun, art, and togetherness at the Springfield Jazz Fest Mural Paint Party!

Live Muralists at the Springfield Jazz Fest

Saturday, July 13, at the Springfield Jazz Fest, festival-goers will have the unique opportunity to watch local muralists in action, creating live mural art. Two talented artists will be live painting in Tower Square Saturday Park, working on giant canvases that capture the vibrant spirit of our community.

These stunning 6x4 murals will not only be a feast for the eyes during the festival but will also be commissioned and displayed locally. These artworks will find a permanent home somewhere in the community, serving as a hopeful and inspiring reminder of the power of art in bringing people together.

Join us for this captivating event and witness the magic of live mural creation, celebrating the creativity and unity of Springfield.

Chalk for Change: Community Art Initiative

Born out of the pandemic, Chalk for Change emerged as a beacon of hope and positivity when people were yearning for connection and uplifting experiences. As life began to normalize, this initiative aimed to provide beautiful and inspiring visuals for those venturing back out into the community. Strategically placed at the bus station and other key locations, these vibrant chalk murals convey powerful messages of community support and unity.

Initially funded by the Trust Transfer Project GrantChalk for Change started as a one-day event featuring local artists and local community members. Using chalk paint, they crafted messages of hope and care, creating artworks that helped lift community care. The first year saw eight talented street artists incredulously transforming public spaces with their creativity.

These artists conjured aspirational messages and unique designs that resonated deeply with the community. This year, we're thrilled to host Chalk for Change during the Springfield Jazz Fest on Friday night. Join us in celebrating art, community, and the spirit of togetherness as we create vibrant murals that create a campaign of community care.
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Community Art Tent

Experience the Magic Again at the Springfield Cultural Partnership Art Tent!

We are thrilled to announce the return of the Springfield Cultural Partnership Art Tent to this year's Springfield Jazz Fest! Last year, our tent was a place where magic happened, and we're excited to bring that magic back for another unforgettable experience.

Join us as we celebrate creativity and community using recycled, eco-friendly materials. Our art tent is a vibrant space where community members of all ages can come together to create unique and inspiring works of art. Under the guidance of talented local artists, you'll have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and produce something truly special.

Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this artistic journey. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just looking to explore your creative side, the Springfield Cultural Partnership Art Tent is the perfect place to make magic happen. Come create with us and be inspired by the power of community and sustainability! Watch this impact video with Kali Green from the Springfield Cultural Partnership and Bianca Jimenez from Blues to Green on last year’s impact!
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New Location!

The Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival takes place on July 12th – 13th, 2024 in the streets surrounding Stearns Square.

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