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Brown Rice Family

Jamming Towards Global Solidarity and Organic Happiness

Brown Rice Family is a vibrant and dynamic world roots band that embodies the spirit of global solidarity and organic happiness. With a strong belief in the natural flow of things, they create a distinctively organic fusion of music styles, including reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, afrobeat, jazz, rock, Brazilian, Latin, and funk.

The band originated during the time when its members were attending the City College of New York. It all began with Yuichi and former member Joe Jang, who shared a common vision of living in a healthy environment and consuming naturally grown food. Inspired by their organic approach to life and music, they discovered the importance of brown rice as one of the healthiest foods for human consumption. This discovery played a significant role in shaping the band's identity and direction.

As time went on, Brown Rice Family expanded and now comprises eight talented members from various corners of the globe. Their backgrounds span Japan, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa, and the USA, creating a diverse and multicultural ensemble. This rich tapestry of nationalities sets the stage for their unique coexistence, musical creativity, and dance. The essence of Brown Rice Family's sound can be best described as World Roots Music, encompassing a fusion of global influences and traditions.

The infectious energy and vibe of Brown Rice Family resonate with the spirit of legendary artists like Fela Kuti, while also welcoming the likes of Bob Marley and Antonio Carlos to join them on stage. Their music takes listeners on a captivating journey that bridges ancient and contemporary sounds from around the world. With their colorful sound waves, the band creates a rhythmic surfing experience, capturing the essence of different cultures and eras.

Beyond their musical pursuits, Brown Rice Family is committed to self-improvement and environmental stewardship. They constantly strive to find healthier ways of living, grooving, and eating, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and well-being.

Brown Rice Family is more than just a band. They are an embodiment of unity, cultural exchange, and the celebration of diverse musical traditions. Through their music, they inspire and connect people from all walks of life, promoting global solidarity and organic happiness in an ever-changing world.

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