Youth Workshop

with the Garifuna Collective

Prior to their evening performance, the Garifuna Collective will provide a youth oriented educational workshop, sharing their history, culture, and language and leading attendees in drumming, dancing and singing activities. Participating community organizations include the South End Community Center, Martin Luther King Family Services, the New North Citizens’ Council and the summer music programs at the Community Music School of Springfield CMSS.

The Garifuna Collective's performance is supported by a grant from the New England States Touring program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program and the six New England state arts agencies.
Reevx Lab
270 Bridge Street
with a Q&A discussion afterward
3:30PM + 6PM
with a discussion in between at 5 pm

City of a Million Dreams - Film Screening

with Jonathan Suazo

Step into the captivating world of jazz funerals & second line parades of New Orleans with the thought-provoking film, "City of a Million Dreams." Join us at the Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival for special screenings of this mesmerizing documentary that unravels the enigmatic tradition of jazz funerals.

In 2005, writer and videographer Deb Cotton leaves behind the cold embrace of Hollywood and ventures into the vibrant city of New Orleans. It is here that she becomes a witness and chronicler of the parading club culture that has emerged from the legacy of funerals accompanied by soulful music. One of the central figures she encounters is the prolific clarinetist Michael White, renowned for his haunting rendition of "the widow's wail" in sorrowful dirges.

The film intertwines the memories of enslaved Africans, expressed through dance, with the majestic presence of European marching bands. Through the lens of burial pageants, the movie captures the essence of the city's rich history. Discover the beauty and power of jazz funerals, a timeless tradition that continues to echo through the streets of New Orleans.
2PM - 3PM

Explorations in Afro Puerto Rican and Afro Dominican Rhythms

with Jonathan Suazo

Jonathan Suazo is a Puerto Rican Saxophonist / Composer / Educator. His music is inspired by artists like Kenny Garrett, Miguel Zenón, David Sánchez, John Coltrane and many more. His new afro-caribbean project RICANO is currently on tour as it leads to the official album release with Ropeadope Records on August 4th 2023. The Ricano project highlights traditional rhythms from Jonathan's Puerto Rican / Dominican roots within a Cross-Cultural Fusion container of his musical influences. Prior to his set, Jonathan will be offering an interactive workshop with the attending community. This Ricano workshop will lead the attendees through several Afro Puerto Rican and Afro Dominican styles in the form of drum circles to provide a hands-on experience directly related to Jonathan's compositions. Ricano shows have plenty of crowd involvement, so, consider this your general rehearsal to join the band when the time comes!
1PM - 8PM

AGRI.CULTURA: a Food Sovereignty Pop-Up

hosted by El Departamento de la Comida + Collaborators

Understanding that Springfield, MA and surrounding towns/cities have the highest density of Boricuas and other Latinx communities per square mile in the US, and in the way of celebrating not only our shared struggles but shared stories, El Departamento de la Comida, a grassroots food project from Puerto Rico, will be creating a living breathing “pop-up” space dedicated to the seeds, farms, and practices of “campesinxs”, from Borikén and other islands, to join and share Caribbean food and agricultural ways of life. This pop-up will take place in a way that acts as an oasis for many diaspora residents attending the Festival, who struggle with not being able to access the landscapes their identities are strongly based on.

Seeds, higüeras, plants and other objects, photographs of different scenes sharing the daily lives of farmers and the local food movement, will be found inside the shipping container. Outside there will be tables and chairs to share stories, and several places where the public will be able to contribute to the ever growing archive of agricultural exchange of knowledge within Caribbean and diaspora communities.

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